mobile casinos

Mobile Casinos

When online casinos were created, gamblers from all over the world were excited to finally pursue their hobby and passion from the comfort of their own home. Gone were the days of making sometimes expensive trips to the casino and in was the modern convenience of winning from your couch. Mobile casino sites further enhanced that convenience and made it easier for people to play on the go. The mobile casino is one of the fastest growing gaming tends in the world and with several developers tailoring their games to match the quality of popular online games, there seem no be no stopping the rise of mobile casinos.

Mobile Casino Game Offerings

In general, mobile casinos are pretty similar to online casinos with the exceptions of a few features. For the most part, you can install several apps on your mobile for playing casino games conveniently and on the go. Other games don’t offer downloadable apps but, they can be accessed on a mobile browser. There are different mobile devices from which you can play your games namely:

  • Android devices: These are still more popular than other old school mobile devices such as Blackberry and Windows and offer powerful operating systems that can support a variety of mobile casino games.
  • iPhones: iPhones are the most popular mobile devices you will find and as such, they come with a very big range of casino games and apps that you can download.
  • iPads: Much like iPhones are dominating the mobile phone industry, iPads are dominating the tablet industry. They offer bigger screens than conventional phones and give you access to the Apple Store where you ca download several casino games.

Regardless of whether you are playing from a cellphone or a tablet, there are a lot of different casino games that you can play, starting with classic table games such as Roulette and Blackjack. Roulette is further divided into different variations like French Roulette and American Roulette, all of which can played on mobile devices. Other games on offer include Poker, Baccarat and Craps along with various slot machines and themed games for adventurous gamblers.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

One of the most attractive features of mobile casinos are the bonuses on offer. As we mentioned earlier, casino game developers have been working hard to create mobile games that offer features that are similar to those you’ll find on the regular online casino games. Mobile casino bonuses are no different, having been tweaked and upgraded in the past few years to entice more players to join the mobile casino world. Below are two of the most common bonuses you can find when you play a casino game on your mobile:

• No deposit bonus: This type of bonus is considered to be much like getting free money at the beginning of the game. The bonus on offer will depend on the game you are playing. A no deposit bonus allows you to try a new game or mobile casino app for free when you sign up so that you can get the hang of it. While that sounds like a fantastic deal, you should remember that different games have different wager requirements and you might not be able to cash it in immediately.

• Deposit or Welcome bonus: These types of bonuses require placing a real money deposit before you can receive them. The best thing about these bonuses is that you can cash in on them a lot faster than you would if you were receiving no deposit bonuses and in some cases, you can receive double the amount you deposit. Again, it is always worth understanding the rules of the game before diving in head first.

Mobile Casino Free Spins

Mobile casino free spins are perhaps the most popular type of bonus you can receive on any mobile casino game. You can commonly find free spins on recently released casino games as developers love to use them for promotional purposes. There are different types of free spins you can get on any given mobile casino game with the 2 most popular being no deposit free spins and deposit free spins. Depending on the game you are playing, you can get as little as 3 spins per game or as many as 100+. There are a lot of benefits to winning mobile casino free spins:

• You get to retain the profits from each round depending on the type of casino game you are playing.
• No deposit free spins let you gauge whether the game is worth playing or not before making a full commitment.
• Mobile casinos like Golden Tiger let you play for extended periods of times without losing your free spins.

While free spins are a great way to get started on any mobile casino game, they are not always as lucrative. Many times, free spins tend to be won on low value coins and are virtually impossible to win on a big value which limits your playing options. In addition to this, not every slot comes with free spins and in many cases, you have to meet the specific wager requirements to be eligible to play.

Play for free casino slots on mobile

While we cannot deny that playing on your mobile phone is not quite the same as playing on a bigger screen on your laptop or computer, mobile casino games have been under improvement for the past several years and they are just getting better and better with each passing year. The best part about playing casino slots on your mobile is that you can download them for free from your Google Play Store or Apple Store. In many cases, you can simply download the slot app and install it directly to your mobile device. For the games that don’t have specially developed apps, they can always be accessed on your mobile browser. In recent years, mobile casinos in the UK have been released at the same time as desktop and laptop casino games which has meant that players don’t have to wait for long to play their favourite slots on the go. To top it off, the selection of games available to play on mobile devices has grown significantly with many classic developers providing similar animations, graphics and sounds to match the quality of laptop and desktop games.

How to deposit at mobile casino sites

Gambling online can be a daunting experience for newcomers not familiar with the process of signing up and depositing that initial amount. However, there is nothing that complex about getting started on your mobile casino site. In general, all you have to do is fill in a few blanks and give the necessary information to have your account setup. This process is even easier when you are playing on a mobile app but it works just as well on any mobile site. Depositing money into your account is also very simple and you will find that many casino games and sites offer plenty of deposit options namely:

• E-wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.
• Credit Card Deposits.
• Mobile payments directly from your phone.
• Prepaid vouchers and cards such as Ukash.
• Electronic bank transfers that include wife transfers and e-checks.

Just keep in mind that every country differs in rules and regulations. For example, mobile casinos in UK allow you to use most of the above mentioned deposit methods but, other countries might a little restricted. It’s your responsibility to figure out which deposit methods are accepted in your country of residence before you sign up to play.

Customer services at mobile casinos

Overall, mobile casinos are generally safe and friendly to use. A lot of platforms offer premium customer care services that include hotlines that you can call to report any problems or ask questions as well as email details to send your queries. Many sites also have helpful FAQ sections where you can find a lot of answers to your burning questions.