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Live Casino

The presence of an online live casino should certainly not be lacking when it comes to online gambling. When you see a live casino category at an online casino, this means you can play casino games against real live dealers. This has been developed to give players the feeling of being at a real casino from their home. After the development of live casino, casino lovers no longer have to leave the house to go to land base casino. In our article we will give you information about how live casino works and how can you place a bet against a live dealer just from your live room.

Open an account with live casino sites

You must always have an online casino account in order to play live casino games. If you don’t have any account, just head to new casino sites page to pick one.  We suggest you to play with MrPlay. ( for full review check ). Assume you already clicked to our advertisement! Then all you need to do is to complete the registration form to get started with the casino. After successfully registered with an online casino, head to the live casino and select one of the live casino game of your choose to play with.  You click on a game of your choice and it will be loaded. Via a specially designed interface thanks to a live casino developers you can watch live casino games and play them at the same time.

Most of the Live Casino tables are nowadays offer HD quality live casino stream so that you can actually play live casino game full hd from your home. Don’t forget those tables are available 24/7

Different types of LIVE CASINO games TO PICK

When you come to a live casino you can always choose from different types of online casino games. We often see that most live casinos have roulette, blackjack and baccarat. We can confirm that there are also the most popular live casino tables games to start with, which we would like to explain to you. Below is a brief explanation of what you can expect in terms of rules per live game. Playing these games will hopefully become a lot easier and possibly more interesting of course.

• Live roulette

The first live game that we will encounter at a live casino is usually live roulette.When playing online live roulette you have to win from the dealer by predicting the correct number. To be able to win at a live casino you can place inside bets or place outside bets. With the first you play directly on a number and with an outside bet a series with numbers will be covered by your chips.

Roulette game is made of one roulette wheel, table and a dealer. Once you sit on a table you need to place your bet on to the numbers on the table and wait for the live dealer to spin the wheel. click here to find live casino sites online. visit our website:

• Live blackjack

In addition to the possibility to play live roulette at a casino, it is also possible to opt for live blackjack. With your hand with cards you will then have to beat a male or female dealer. This by gaining a higher number of points, with a maximum of 21. You can achieve this goal by matching equally with a high point total, but also by taking extra cards if you have a lower number of points.

• Live baccarat

People who opt for live baccarat can actually gamble most easily at a live casino.After all, you don’t have to take any risks with all kinds of different rules. With live baccarat you will only have to indicate who you think will win with the win. Will it be the dealer who wins or is it the hand of the player? Then you win 2x your bet back.However, is it a draw? Then with a correct prediction you can win 9x your bet.

Place bets against real dealers

To be able to win against real dealers you will of course always have to have your own money in an account. You can add this with options such as Paypal, Neteller, Skrill or a Credit card. To make a long story short, you need to know that you will always have to deal with a minimum bet of £ 1.

Are you kind of person who want to play live casino games as a Highroller? There are some highroller tables that goes up to £ 75,000 per game round. you can click on those games to start with. Some players prefer to play big and win big in order to enjoy the games more therefore it is very crucial for software developers to offer option for various players to keep them happy.

Free live casino Play

We would like to inform you that it is also possible to play free live casino doesn’t mean that you can play unlimited free with an online casino, but you can try the games online. Most of the casino sites offer free money to new players and they can use this money on every games. Live casino games is one of them. You can login to your account and click one of the live casino games under Live Casino tab to start playing.

if you like the game you can also top up your account without leaving the table. You can click on deposit button an select one of the payment options to deposit your account.