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Casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are one of the things that punters look for when choosing a new online casino. The online casino market is a highly competitive one, so operators work hard to attract new players. The top way of doing this is to offer appealing promotions which draw punters away from their rivals and to encourage them to register for their own gaming services.

Getting Started with Casino Bonuses

Not only do casino bonuses profit casino operators who benefit from a raft of new customers signing up for player accounts, but players also benefit too. They can maximize their winnings and get even more from their bankroll. So, how do you get started with casino bonuses? What do you need to know about these useful and valuable promotions? Here, we give you the benefit of our insider information.

What Is A Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus is an offer aimed at either existing players or new punters. Many come in the form of welcome bonuses, encouraging new players to register with the casino website. Punters appreciate casino bonuses since they can essentially get something for nothing. Of course, not all casino bonuses are equally valuable, but all are designed to offer players an incentive to start playing, to keeping playing, to try something new or to spend a little more of their bankroll. 

What Is A Casino Bonus Code And Why Use One?

Casino bonus codes are just one way of offering players a promotion. Sometimes, players are emailed a code directly that they can use to get free spins, a deposit match offer or even a no deposit deal. Sometimes, the code will appear on the casino website itself or sometimes you’ll spot it on a referral website. If you enter the code in the appropriate place on the casino site you’ll benefit from the specified offer. It’s always worth using a casino bonus code if you find one since you can get something for nothing.

Why Do Online Casino Sites Offer Casino Bonuses?

There are three key reasons why online casinos offer bonuses to punters.

  1. To retain existing customers – these are loyalty bonuses. They may come in the form of individual offers to specific players through their player account or personal email address, or they may come in the form of a loyalty scheme which gives long-term players exclusive offers, deals and promotions which increase in value the longer they stay with the casino and play regularly.
  2. To acquire new players – these are called sign up or welcome bonuses. They are designed to make the casino site more appealing to new punters and to draw them away from rival casino brands to register for their own services.
  3. To get new customer referrals – the “refer a friend” bonus is a well-known offer from most casino sites. It is also aimed at encouraging more players to register with the site, but this time by persuading existing players to recommend the casino to their friends and family. Often both the existing player and the person they refer will receive a bonus in these cases.

Which Casino Bonuses Are Available In The UK?

There are numerous types of casino bonus open to punters in the UK. They include:

  • The no deposit bonus – this is one of the most appealing offers since the player won’t need to put any money of their own down. The no deposit deal extends credit to the player allowing them to enjoy games for free.
  • The deposit match bonus – these are the most common types of bonus in UK casinos. This deal matches the amount of money the player deposits in their account with a specific percentage. So if, as an example, you deposit £100 and there is a 200% deposit match bonus, you’ll be awarded £200. There are usually restrictions on the total maximum amount you’re able to receive or deposit with this type of deal.
  • The free spins bonus – this is an offer which is frequently seen on a range of slots. It’s especially popular as part of a welcome package deal, but it can also be found for existing punters when the casino wants to advertise a new game or slots tournament. Usually, the bonus is only able to be used on a specific slot or set of slots.

How Do You Choose The Best Casino Bonuses?

When you’re looking for the best casino bonus for you, it’s important to check out all the information before making a final decision. Some offers look fantastic at first glance, but then when you read the small print you realize that there are some severe restrictions. In some cases, the terms and conditions may make it not worth your while to bother with the bonus.

There will almost always be a wagering requirement on any casino bonus. If that wagering requirement is too high, you may not be able to spend enough to be able to withdraw any winnings unless you’re a very high roller. Be aware that not all games will contribute the same amount to the wagering requirement. Often, certain game categories will only count in a small percentage towards the wagering requirement and some may not count at all. You need to check this out before opting into a bonus deal.

There will often be a time restriction on any bonus too. If you’re unable to meet the wagering requirement within that time period, your bonus will be lost. This is something else you need to pay attention to when choosing a bonus offer.

You should also check for restrictions on game types or titles to make sure that the bonus can be used on your favorite games, and for any restrictions on the maximum amount which counts towards the promotion.

What Type Of Games Are Available For Casino Bonuses?

Often, casino bonuses focus on slots, but you may find some bonuses which can be used on any type of game on the site, whether that be a card game, slot or table game. You need to read the small print carefully before opting in, however, to make sure that the titles that you plan to play are included in the deal.

How Much Do You Get With Casino Bonuses?

There is no single answer to the question of how much you’ll win from a casino bonus. A lot is down to luck, but you can maximize your winnings by choosing your bonuses and the games that you play carefully. If you select games where you have an edge over the house you will be more likely to make a profit. Even better, if you manage to find a casino bonus which allows you to cash out all your winnings without any wagering requirements you could definitely make a profit.

What Is The Best Casino Bonus: Free Spins Or A Cash Bonus?

It isn’t possible to say definitively that either a cash bonus or free spins are the better offer since you need to read the terms and conditions for each deal to make a firm decision. There are a few things to be aware of about these offer types, however.

Usually, any winnings from free spins is capped, so you won’t be able to enjoy huge wins. Also, you’ll only be able to cash out anything which remains once you’ve met the playthrough requirement. In general, this means that free spins will give you a lower bonus amount than a cash bonus offer. However, free spins do offer a better chance of earning a profit.

A cash bonus brings the advantage of allowing you to earn free cash and the whole bonus can be withdrawn once you’ve met the terms and conditions. As an added benefit, these bonuses are usually available for use on a wider range of games including table games, card games and slots while free spins are, obviously, restricted to slots only, and often to only one or two slots games at that. On the downside, though, cash bonuses usually lead to the player suffering from a net loss when it comes to releasing their bonus amount and in the case of a high wagering requirement, those losses can be significant.

At the end of the day, you simply need to weigh up all the pros and cons by reading the small print for each kind of offer then determining which one offers you the best value.

How Do You Pick The Right Casino Bonus?

The key to finding the right casino bonus for you lies in doing your research well. You should begin by checking out a site which brings you all the most up to date bonus deals and offers so that you have a good starting point to work from. You can then check out all the small print on the various offers available to you and determine which ones will offer you the best value for money based on your individual playing style. Whatever type of bonus you finally opt for, you can be confident that you’ll find an offer that allows you to maximize your bankroll and also your profits.